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Physics Lab

The Physics teaching labs will present, you the student, with the opportunity to gain insight into some of the basic principles of physics. There are some few steps:-

1) Preparation: Read the lab write up carefully before attending the lab. Some of the labs have pre-labs associated with it. Complete the pre-labs. Prelabs are designed so that you have beforehand experience on what the lab would look like and what are the concepts/equations you need to know.

2) Measurement: Work in a group while data collecting, but work individually during calculation and analysis. Compare your calculation with your friends to verify.

3) Lab Report: Unless your TA instructs otherwise, you should turn in your completed lab work at the end of the lab period.

4) Attendance: Lab attendance is mandatory.

5) Lab Equipment: Each table has all the equiment necessary to do the lab work. Please refrain borrowing equipment from another table, and if necessary,return it after you are done.

6) Safety and Cleanup: please clean up your table after completing the lab. Turn off power supply, throw away trash, and mop up any spills.